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Do you have patients who cannot afford their medications?

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At Nationwide Prescription Connection, our goal is to make prescription drugs affordable by connecting patients with money-saving programs.

Our experienced patient advocates locate and complete drug-specific applications. Often, the medications are free to patients and sent directly to their homes.

68% of readmissions are due to poor medication adherence      

72% of post-discharge adverse events are medication related

Our services help improve patient safety, satisfaction and outcomes by increasing medication adherence and reducing the number of adverse events and rehospitalizations.

What we offer:
    We work with case management, care coordinators, healthcare educators, clinics, financial services, pharmacies and more to assist in-need patients.

    Our services help discharged patients adhere to their medication regimens, reducing rehospitalizations.

    NPC tracks progress and provides regular updates, including demographics, medications, savings and more.

    Spanish-speaking patient advocates are available. Citizenship is not required for all plans.

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